BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipsticks

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I’m doing a review on these Lipsticks I received from Influenster. 

*These were complimentary for review*

   I have to say… These lipsticks are AMAZING! First I applied the Line & Define Lip Primer (and my lips are very chapped at the moment). Let me tell you…. THIS lip primer not only moisturized my lips, but it also contoured my lips for easy application of the lipstick. It is a sheer, clear color. Absolutely amazing! I will be purchasing this when I run out! 

   I tried 3 of the shades in Eclair, which is the pink color. Flambe, which is the gorgeous red color. And Demi-Glace, which is the dark brown color. At first I really didn’t like that one. Thought it was way too dark for my skin tone. But when I applied bronzer, it looked amazing! 

    These lipsticks are super pigmented. They glide smoothly on your lips. They leave a beautiful, glossy shine! I did have to reapply after about 5 hours. But overall, I love the formula of them! Their kinda a little bit thick feeling but feel super light on the lips. Very buttery and creamy. And the best thing I love about these lipsticks is that I didn’t even have to use lip liner! My lips are very thin and normally always have to line my lips. With or without the primer, I don’t have to line my lips before application. They make my lips look full! 
    After trying these 3 colors, I look forward to purchasing other colors! And the Line & Define Primer will from now on be an everyday staple in my makeup bag!!! I honestly just started using it yesterday and my lips were very chapped. I’ve applied it several times since yesterday and my lips are no longer chapped! I’m really amazed!  The Line & Define Lip primer has Resveratrol in it. Every BITE product has at least 5g of Resveratrol, which is like shushing five glasses of wine on your lips. It is a naturally potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radical damage and allows the collagen to keep on pumping. It blurs imperfections, but it works as an amazing primer to create the perfect even canvas for applying lipstick. It’s very luxurious and leaves the most amazing texture and feel on your lips. It truly is an amazing lip primer! When paired with these Liquified Lipsticks, my lips looked and felt so soft and super glossy!!! In all honesty, I will be buying other colors! 


Author: 🌸Beautifully Made🌸

I am Beautifully Made by God. I am a child of God. He blessed me with a wonderful talent for applying makeup! God knows i have a passion for all things beauty! All there is to know about makeup, skin care, body care, hair care, etc., I'll gather all the scoop on millions of different products. I wanna know what is going on my face!

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